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HP Laptop Repair
Repair Center for HP - Expert Laptop Service Technicians.
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HP Pavilion, HP Computer Repair and Support Services
Comprehensive Hardware/Software Repair & Upgrade Services.

HP Pavilion Repair, HP Laptop Repair in San Francisco

We offer extensive Repair and Support Services for HP Computers. Our professional repair technicians, service a wide range of HP laptop and desktop models. We repair HP Pavilion, HP EliteBook, HP ProBook, HP Laptops, HP EliteDesk, HP ProDesk, HP ProOne Desktops and other models. We perform hardware and software diagnostics, updates, upgrades and repairs. Our techs remove viruses, malware, restore your data and system, perform necessary repairs to get you and your system up and running. We are highly-skilled, cost-efficient, responsive, careful and offer quick turnaround times. Sweet Memory IT Services is Your Trusted Partner.

HP Pavilion & HP Laptop Repair in San Francisco.

  • HP Pavilion LCD Screen Replacement
  • HP Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
  • HP Pavilion Keyboard Repair/Replacement
  • HP Laptop Liquid Damage Repair
  • HP Laptop Battery Replacement
  • HP Laptop DC Jack Repair

HP EliteBook Laptop, HP ProDesk, HP ProOne Desktop Repairs.

  • SSD/Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Virus Removal
  • Windows/Software Reinstall & Security Install
  • Diagnostics
  • Memory Upgrade

HP Damaged LCD Screen Replacement

HP Laptop LCD Screen Damage Replacement.

We offer cost-effective LCD Screen Replacements for most HP Laptop models, HP Pavilion, HP EliteBook, and HP ProBook.

Our team of repair technicians provides the expertise, care, reliability and timeliness, when replacing your LCD Screen.

HP Pavilion/EliteBook Keyboard Repair

HP Pavilion / HP Laptop Broken Keyboard Repair.

We offer cost-effective Keyboard Repair or Replacement for most HP Laptop models. Our team of expert repair technicians will inspect, clean, repair keys, and replace the keyboard only if necessary.

Our Techs are careful when inspecting and repairing your keyboard. We provide prompt quality service, with quick turnaround times.

HP Pavilion/EliteBook/ProBook Liquid Spill
or Accidental Damage Repair

HP Pavilion / HP Laptop Liquid Spill or Accidental Damage Repair.

We provide cost-effective repair services for liquid spills, cracked display, case damage, broken connectors and other damage.

We carefully inspect, diagnose and advise as to the extent of the damage. We clean, repair and replace parts with liquid spills. Accidental damaged parts will be repaired or replaced where needed.

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