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Comprehensive Suite of IT Solutions - Managed IT Solutions

We offer a full suite of IT Solutions - Secure Cloud based Office Applications, Cloud & In-Office Networking and Cyber Security, Remote Support, and Network IT Infrastructure Solutions. Our Team of IT Professionals will collaboratively assess and recommend the IT Solutions that best fit your IT Infrastructure and goals. Monthly Flat Fee, Bundled Services, and Bulk Hour Packages offer cost efficiency and monthly cost predictability.

Sweet Memory IT Services is Your Trusted Partner.
Secure Cloud Based Office Applications, Tools, Storage, Email - Microsoft Office 365® and Google G-Suite.

Secure Cloud Based Office Applications.

Office Tools, Storage, Email - Solutions.
We offer services for Office 365® and G-Suite by Google. Our team of experts will setup, configure, migrate, and manage your Cloud based IT Solutions.

Remote IT Support - Manage & Monitor

Remote IT Support - Manage & Monitor

Remote IT Service Desk - We remotely accesses your Network Infrastructure to provide User Desktop Support, Network, Cloud, Firewall Support & Monitoring.

Wireless & Wired Network Infrastructure - Routers, Switches, Gateways, Firewalls

Wireless & Wired Network Infrastructure

We offer the hardware components for Wired, Wireless and combination networking solutions, such as routers, switches, gateways, firewalls. We setup, configure, manage and monitor.


Manage Your IT Budget with cost-efficient IT Solutions

We offer a wide array IT Solutions and professional IT services that helps you meet your business and technology needs.

Computer Network Solutions - IT Networking Services, Wireless & Wired

Computer Network Solutions

IT Networking Services offering Wireless, Wired and Secure Cloud based connectivity with comprehensive server, desktop, and mobile management. Our IT professionals will setup, secure, manage and monitor to keep your network running smoothly.

  • We provide on-site & remote support, 24/7 security monitoring and desktop/user support Help Desk.
  • Networking services - setup, configured, monitored, maintained; keeping your PCs, servers, network & devices up and running.
  • Comprehensive support for hardware, software, security and cloud based services.
  • Server backup solutions providing protection from the affects of a server crash.
IT Security Solution - Cyber Threat Protection

IT Security Solution - Cyber Threat Protection

Security Solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Stay protected from all kinds of attacks, from ransomware to Advanced Persistent Threats.

  • Protect your Network infrastructure, PCs, servers, mailboxes and mobile devices.
  • Multiple techniques and layers to safeguard your business far beyond traditional antivirus/antimalware defenses.
  • Advanced Anti-Virus prevents Zero-day attacks and provides Multiple anti-ransomware capabilities.
  • Streamlined deployment & security management, Unified management for all your devices with 24/7 Monitoring.
Secure Cloud Storage Solutions for Business - Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Box.

Secure Cloud Storage Solutions for Business

Business level Secure Cloud Storage Services for small to medium sized businesses - Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Box. Secure, compliant, mobile, scalable, unlimited storage, cost-efficient with multiple service plan offerings.

  • Our IT Consultants will assess, recommend and help you determine the best scalable solution for your business.
  • We configure, manage and maintain your Cloud Services setup based on your needs.
  • All Cloud Computing IT Infrastructure management and maintenance is implemented by the Service Provider.
  • Your data is secure from cyber threat and you can access the data whenever needed.

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