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Sweet Memory San Francisco based Computer Data Recovery Services.

      Hard Drives - SSD Drives - RAID for Windows, Mac, Linux Systems.

Sweet Memory Expert Technicians along with our Partnered Data Recovery Solution Vendor
can provide the needed data recovery services for individuals, small businesses,
and corporate branch offices.

We provide in-house diagnostics, data retrieval, drive removal and replacement.
Our Partnered Data Recovery Vendor provides data retrieval for highly corrupted
or damaged drives, and where high levels of security
and cleanroom facilities (ISO 14644-1 certified) are needed.
Sweet Memory's Professional Technicians take extreme care in retrieving your data.
We offer Hard Drive Replacements, Upgrades, and BackUp Solutions.

Data Recovery - Hardware & Software Services
Recovery Service
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • Desktop Hard Drives
  • Server Hard Drives
  • Hard Drives & SSD Drives
  • RAID
  • Highly Corrupted Drives
  • Damaged Drives
  • High Security Service
  • Encrypted Data Recovery
  • Cleanroom Facility - Certified


  • Basic Data Recovery & Virus Removal - Sweet Memory's professional technicians
    use advanced data recovery & virus removal tools combined with expertise to retrieve your data.
    We remove viruses and spyware, clean or replace a corrupted hard drive, backup the data,
    and restore your data & software. We offer data protection software, hardware, and backup solutions.

  • Complex Data Recovery - Highly Corrupted or Damaged Drive Service,
    High Security Service, and Encrypted data Recovery Services will be performed
    at our Partnered Vendor's Cleanroom Facility (ISO 14644-1 certified).
    Depending on service needed, we may perform drive removal, replacement, and system restore.

  • Emergency Repair - On-Site or In-Store, Same Day up to 48 hours.
    Laptops and Desktops are repaired In-Store.
    Emergency Desktop, Workstation, & Server Repairs can be partially performed On-Site.

  • Hard Drive Upgrades & Replacements-
    We offer Hard Drives and SSD Drives. Our highly knowledgeable staff, will recommend
    compatible drives for your computer and install upgrades as needed.
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Data Recovery San Francisco

Our highly experienced IT experts are able to manage all types of data recovery projects with the a high degree of care and efficiency.
Sweet Memory Data Recovery - Client having Data Problems
We use advanced tools, along with the expertise of our IT professionals combine to give the best data recovery and security services. Sweet Memory has been active as a reliable computer and IT support services provider in San Francisco since the past more than 25 years. From small to medium sized corporations, our expert IT technicians and computer consultants offer valuable and reliable IT services to all our clients.
We have a large list of certified and well-known data recovery specialist vendors in the country that help us in providing you with the best data security and support services. Along with this, Sweet Memory has highlyexperienced data recovery specialists and IT professionals who are well qualified and trained to manage simple and complex data security and data recovery solutions with expert data recovery in San Francisco area. These are the top data recovery services that Sweet Memory provides to corporate clients for maximum data security:

Virus Removal & Emergency Repairs

Our expert IT technicians use the latest in analyzing, monitoring, detection and removal of virus from the corporate network and servers. The experts use innovative tools that help not only to remove harmful viruses but also to ensure future safety with advanced data security protocols. We offer complete on-site, in-store and urgent laptop and computer repair in the San Francisco region. We offer flexible scheduled hours for emergency IT and computer repair.

Hard Drive Upgrades/Replacements

Sweet Memory is also renowned for providing regular and efficient hard disk maintenance. This includes new, upgraded and replaced hard drives and SSD storage devices for all types of personal and corporate desktops and workstations. With Sweet Memory Services, you will never have to worry about losing important data again.

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